Product Review – Nivea Skin Conditioner

If you’re one of those people (like me) who get a little lazy with body moisturisers during the cooler months, here is a product for you!

Nivea’s new Skin Conditioner is everything I could have hoped for in a body moisturiser and more. It’s affordable, extremely hydrating, contains a lot of product, and most importantly is designed for use in the shower.

I can think of nothing worse than stepping out of a nice hot shower in winter, and then having to slather cold moisturiser all over myself. But as a person with extremely dry skin, it was a harsh reality I had to face.

This product changes all of that, as you simply apply it to your skin after cleansing (in the shower) and then wash it all off. I have to say I was very skeptical about the effectiveness of this product at first, however, after my very first use I was convinced. My skin was left extremely nourished and hydrated without that greasy, sticky feeling that most moisturisers leave behind.

Overall I think this product is fantastic, and would definitely reccommend it to anyone else who lapses a bit on the moisturiser front during winter.

Katie xx


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