Winter Lip Care

As one of those people cursed with chronic dry skin, the winter months are extremely painful for me. As the weather gets colder and the wind gets stronger, my skin gets harder and harder to keep hydrated. Today I am particularly focusing on the lips, as they are the most difficult for me to manage in winter. Chapped, dry lips are not only extremely unattractive, but they are also downright painful. The two products which I am about to write about have practically saved my lips, and are a must in my handbag through these winter months.

The first product I would like to talk about is the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from Lush. I use this scrub before applying any other lip product in order to prep my lips. It literally is just a sugar scrub that tastes like bubblegum, and as many people have said before, you could probably make some yourself very easily. However, the ease of being able to buy it in a nice little pot appealed to me. You just put a tiny bit on your finger and rub it over your lips to remove any dry skin, and then simply wipe it off with a face cloth or rinse it off with water. So there’s the first problem solved – dry skin removed. Now it’s time for hydrating.


My next product is Maybelline’s Baby Lips, this product is essentially just a lip balm. However, I find the formula to be especially nice, it glides on really well and gives my lips a lovely smooth texture. This product comes in a variety of flavours, along with tinted versions which are perfect for wearing out when your lips are having a rough day. This product is extremely cheap, and comes in simple, but cute packaging. Perfect to just chuck in your handbag for instant lip hydration on the go. I always opt for the SPF 30+ version of this product, as not even winter phases the Australian sun. It just gives me that little extra piece of mind.

If you’re looking for two great products that are going to keep your lips looking and feeling hydrated and nourished throughout winter, definitely check these out. And also let me know in the comments below if you have any other recommendations for dry lips, as I am always interested in trying out new products.



Princess by Vera Wang

I recently picked up the perfume Princess by Vera Wang, and was so impressed that I could not resist typing up a blog post about it. I had heard great things about this product but had just never gotten around to trying it (plus I was devoted to my beloved Daisy by Marc Jacobs) however, I am so glad that I did.

This perfume is the perfect mix of fruity and floral – comprising two of my favourite things¬†and throwing it in a bottle that I can spray all over myself. What more could I ask for? It’s bursting with succulent fruits and has the slightest hint of vanilla which gives it a unique yet amazing smell. I’ve only been wearing this for about a week now, but have had so many compliments on it which have proven how wonderful it really is.

Not only is the scent incredible, but it also comes in a lovely bottle which looks great on my dresser. At only a fraction of the price of Marc Jacobs perfumes I think it is an excellent product. I bought the 50mL size from Priceline, where it is currently reduced from $79 down to $39. So if you’re searching for a new perfume to brighten up your day, definitely give this one a go!

Let me know what your current perfume favourites are in the comments below


Boxed Hair Dyes 101

Are you wanting that fresh coloured look every 6 weeks or so but can’t afford to go to the salon? If so, this is the blog post for you.

As a poor University student who can’t afford to pay $100 every 6 weeks to get my hair re-done, but also can’t live with myself when I get that awful regrowth, I’ve found myself becoming very familiar with boxed hair dyes. I’ve experimented with a number of different brands, formulas, and colours over the last year or so, and I’ve finally found what I believe is the holy grail of boxed dyes.

Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of at-home hair dyeing. I’d like to advise those of you who haven’t previously coloured your hair to definitely go to a salon the first time, especially if you’re changing your colour dramatically. The hairdresser will be able to advise you on your colour choice first of all, and make sure that they do a really good job of covering every strand of your hair as well. This also gives you the opportunity to see how the pros go about doing this seemingly simple task.

For those of you like me who’ve had your hair coloured more times than you can remember at a salon, and are just feeling like that $100 is a little too expensive now, keep reading.

Before you head on in to Priceline, your local chemist, Woolworths, or wherever you wish to purchase your hair colour, make sure you’ve actually decided on what colour you’re after. If you don’t do this that wall of colours and brands is going to be extremely intimidating – trust me.

My next piece of advise is to never dye your hair using boxed dye if you want to change your colour from say Brunette to Blonde, because most of the time this is just going to end up in disaster. If you’re aiming for a dramatic change, make sure you pay the extra money and see a hairdresser. When I use boxed dye my aim is simply to colour my re-growth and just to brighten up my overall colour, if I’m going for something a lot different than what I have currently I always go to a salon.

So this brings me to picking the actual brand and formula. You’ve got your colour sorted, however, there are at least 10 different brands with at least 2 different formulas each, and they all have that colour you’re looking for. Hmmmm. What to do now? You eliminate anything less than $10 AUD that isn’t on sale. Trust me, I’ve tried opting for the cheaper formulas and brands before, but it doesn’t give you that fresh look with loads of shine, and it does tend to be extremely drying on your hair. I usually opt for the boxes that are approximately $20, and my all-time favourite is the range “Preference” by Loreal. If you’re looking for salon-finish in a box, this is the one for you. It comes with the usual Colourant Gel and Developer Creme, but also a Hi-Shine Elixir and Colour-Lock Conditioner as well. The Hi-Shine Elixir is what gives this product that salon-finish look, it makes your hair extrmely shiny without being greasy at all, and also makes it feel extremely nourished and hydrated. The Colour-Lock Conditioner is also something that sets this particular product apart, as it is enough to last you through the entire 6 weeks, and makes sure that your colour stays strong without fading until you’re ready to re-dye.


Overall this product is absolutely incredible and I don’t think I am ever going back to any other brand or formula. If you’re in the market for a new hair-dye to try out, definitely give this one a go. It’s super easy to apply, comes with clear instructions, and gives you salon-looking results – at less than half the price of going to the salon. It’s a win-win!


Winter Nail Polish Staples

So as the weather starts getting colder and my clothes start to get gradually darker, it’s about time my nails do the same. That’s right, it’s time to put away those pastels and neons for the next couple of months, and whip out those darker, more neutral shades. Generally, my favourite wintery colours consist of deep burgundys, purples, navys and sometimes even some shimmery greys. I find that they pair well with my darker clothes, and just give off a bit more of a winter vibe compared with the hot pinks and pastel mints I wear during the summer.

In winter especially¬†I hate to be re-doing my nails every couple of days, and so I prefer to wear polishes that won’t clash with my outfits, and have a great no-chip formula. Today I’ve brought you my 3 staple winter nail polishes, and have included both drugstore and high-end varieties, all with excellent formulas and great colour-payoff.

My all-time favourite is the Christian Dior Vernis polish in the shade 972, a beautiful shimmery purple colour that is extremely easy to apply and lasts for around a week without chipping. This formula tends to be a little bit thicker than others, however, I never need to apply a second coat as it is very opaque. So it tends to sit on my nails just the same as two coats of any other polish.

My second go-to winter polish for this year would definitely have to be Revlon’s Moon Candy in the shade 230 Satellite. This product comes with two seperate coats (or steps), an opaque base coat, and a shear top coat with shimmer particles. I love the rich burgundy colour of the base coat, and the formula is absolutely amazing – I even wear this colour on it’s own when I don’t feel like going for any shimmer. I find that two coats of this is best when wearing it on it’s own, however, when pairing it with the top coat only one coat each is necessary.

My final winter staple in the nail department is the shade Glametal 087 by Ciate’. This polish can be worn all year round for any occassion, however, I find the grey gunmental shade a little to heavy to be wearing around in summer unless I’m having a night out. In winter this shade is extremely versatile, as it can pretty much be paired perfectly with any outfit, and can be worn day and night. Just like other Ciate’ polishes, the formula is wonderful, with excellent colour payoff and an extremely high shine.

What are your favourite nail polishes for the colder months? Let me know in the comments below!